How to start your Coding Journey as a Beginner?

How to start your Coding Journey

Nowadays more and more people are becoming inclined towards learning about coding. However, it isn’t easy to process especially for beginners with no prior knowledge. Also, the number of coding jobs available will also continue to grow. So it can also become the sexiest job for those people who are willing to do programming. Here we will discuss step by step guide to coding for beginners.

Pick the Right Language-

Different types of programming require different skills. Like you have to learn HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript if you want to learn Web Development.
Likewise, Mobile App Development requires Java (for android) or Swift (for iOS).
So choosing the right language is very important to boost your journey in programming.

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Get the Basics-

To start programming you have to learn the basics of Coding. Currently, there are hundreds of Online Courses that are providing lots of stuff to boost your initial journey. All you need is to search and find the best out of them and start your journey. Like other languages (German, Spanish, Russian, etc.) are made up of several elements like Nouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, and Conjunctions, etc. Just like Spanish and English, programming languages are made up of different elements like Syntax, etc.

Build Patience-

To become a successful programmer you have to build patience because things can get quite hard as you are new in this journey. Programming Concepts are really complex and hard to understand. So to understand them you have to build patience. Due to faulty expectations, too many beginners just give up and move to another trade. To counter this, you have to build patience and always think of the end goal.

Join Communities- 

You can also join communities to start coding your journey. So to give a kickstart to your coding journey, these communities can help you a lot. And it also can generate your interest in coding. Communities can also provide you the right direction to move ahead with coding. You can also discuss ideas and your problems with the community members to enhance your coding skills.

You are Reading How to start your Coding Journey

Listen to Podcast- 

Now this one can become an effective way to understand the real meaning of programming. As we have covered earlier that podcasts are an effective way to understand the hurdles in a hustler’s life. This process is very effective for individuals who don’t have a lot of ideas about the basics of coding.

Balance Learning- 

As a beginner, you need to always be ready to learn new things. Because new technology releases don’t let developers relax, as they have to upgrade their skills to meet the market requirements. So it is mandatory to balance your learning skills.


Coding can become the sexiest job for you if you are willing to learn it from the heart. You may face a lot of hurdles while learning it. But once if you learn the basics of programming, then it becomes quite simpler.

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