5 Tips to Become a Professional Content Writer

Professional Content Writer

Step 1: Go into the Niche

If you were to see a unicycle, would you be intrigued? Maybe a little. What’s up with the bear? Definitely. Certainly.

On a unicycle, what about a bear? Now, we’re speaking. Oh, see? It immediately begins to become more attractive and fascinating when you bring two very random items together.

That’s what you can do with your role as a writer of content. When you combine an ability like writing content with a particular niche,you not only become an Professional Content Writer, but also an industry expert. This can be a very enticing proposition because you now not only have experience in the subject matter, but also a clear ability to deal with this subject matter.

Step 2: Build a portfolio

Before you begin earning anything, you need to start building reputation.

This is the stage where the majority of individuals give up.

And this is the stage where, without some kind of monetary input, you do something. But it’s important that you do so.

Nobody is going to trust you as a new content writer on the block. You have to begin to work on elements that will help you develop this trust. Constructing a portfolio is one of the ways. A portfolio is a display of your strengths.

A good portfolio will give you an excellent base from which to expand. But that alone will not benefit you. You’re in need of social facts.

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Step 3: Start generating social evidence

Social evidence of content services

Both of us are social creatures. We still look at what other people are doing when it comes to doing something risky.

Not only does Quora encourage you to flex your skills in content writing, but it also attracts the requisite social evidence anddemonstrates how people not only consume your content but also interact with it.

In the future, not just this, but Quora will also help you attract more gigs. In reality, a friend of mine has managed to get plenty of writing gigs successfully solely via Quora only because she has been the most-watched writer several times.

Again, getting a niche really helps to position yourself as an expert on the subject.

Step 4: Build authority with a blog

Authority Blog Construct

The ultimate reputation metric is authority. You would not only be able to draw more customers, but also convert them at a much higher price if you build a sense of authority, a certain sense of expertise as a content writer. And a quick way to do this is to build a blog. Again, you can use your blog as a platform to highlight your expertise and authority here. Setting up a blog is incredibly simple and there are plenty of online tools showing you how to do it.

And you have already set up a blog.

You are Reading 5 Tips to Become a Professional Content Writer

Step 5: Get a pitch produced

Pitch for Freelance content writer.

I pitch all the time, and almost all of them are bad. A fantastic pitch is simple, direct, to the point and articulate.These are the components of a simple and effective pitch,

  • A tidy, tailor-made subject line
  • By name, contact the receiver
  • Relation to where you see the need for them (or why you think they need content)
  • Why do you think you are a good candidate or business for the requirement?
  • Your work and portfolio references
  • Your blog connections and other platforms (like quora, Upwork, etc)
  • Links to the treatment of social media
  • A strong signature for an email

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